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Center for Communication, Creativity and Collaboration

About CoSearch


CoSearch Weekend is a two-day intensive retreat where multi-disciplinary teams of researchers and artists will collaborate to develop research plans that will be supported by C3 and carried out over the upcoming academic year. The goal is to break down academic silos and bridge research and creative activity to produce cutting-edge and possible grant-funded projects that unite researchers and artists from the University. It is a project supported by the C3 Research Center and the five units of the College of Fine Arts and Communication (School of Art & Design, Department of Communication Studies, School of Mass Communication & Journalism, School of Music, and Department of Theatre & Dance) and outlines a program that would produce research and grant proposals developed by interdisciplinary research teams to create COMMUNITY.

This year, we are looking for researchers from all disciplines and all departments who are interested in diversity, equity, and inclusion to join us for a dynamic, fun, and enriching weekend. Whether your research is already centered around this or you are brand new to this area of research, we encourage you to participate! Our goal is to connect you with other motivated, passionate, team-oriented, and community-focused researchers who want to make a difference. The power of CoSearch is in the people who participate. We cannot wait to see what impact our teams will have on diversity efforts for our campus, our city, our state, and our country. It's time to break down the silos and work together. We hope to see you there!

What is CoSearch?

An intense creative conference that produces interdisciplinary research teams tasked with creating unique and innovative research proposals.

Is not an academic conference as research is developed (rather than discussed) through a unique form of community building.

Group facilitators will use creative, interactive, and thought-provoking methods to guide participating teams to successful research proposals.

Who will be involved?

Any faculty member at Texas State is allowed to participate. However, primary entry will be given to the College of Fine Arts and Communication.

Dr. Michael Burns and Dr. Marian Houser, the Co-Founders of CoSearch, will also serve as the facilitators for the event.


When and where is CoSearch?

CoSearch takes place in the month of September and is open to all TXST faculty.

The event is located at Texas State University STAR Park. The address is:

Texas State University STAR Park
3055 Hunter Rd.
San Marcos, TX 78666

CoSearch 2016

Mission Statement

Our goal is to move our college to the next level by developing Community.

We want to enhance the scholarly perceptions of our University by pulling together every creative, applied, and theory focused faculty member to develop relevant and applicable research outcomes.

This weekend will methodically move participants through the processes of brainstorming, creating, and decision-making with an end product of research that focuses on positively impacting communities.

Day 1

  1. Creative Exercises
    Facilitators Michael Burns and Marian Houser start the day off with icebreakers and creativity exercises to help get participants creativity flowing and help them get out of their perspective silos.
  2. Pitches of Possible Research Ideas & Voting
    Once participants' creativity is awakened, proposal pitches begin! Participants are given the chance to pitch their research idea. Participants then vote for their favorite idea. Groups are formed based on the top ranked ideas.
  3. Teams Form, Collaboration Begins
    Teams are given two hours to collaborate and work together on their research project pitch.

Day 2

  1. Teams Continue Working
    Teams are given five hours to work Saturday before their pitches are judged.
  2. Method, Creative, Technology and Presentation Coaching Sessions
    Coaches from various departments will visit the teams to provide research advice.
  3. Research Presentation Competition
    Each team is given five minutes to present their research project proposal. Judges evaluated teams based on a rubric provided by CoSearch Leadership Team